Mattress with a Washable Cover 200 x 140 x 17 cm


Estimated delivery on 16 - 23 April, 2023


This mattress, with a washable padded cover, is nice and soft and very comfortable. The 17 cm thick mattress automatically distributes your weight and reduces stress on your body’s pressure points. The top layer of the mattress absorbs moisture and provides good heat insulation. It’s highly recommended for soothing joint pain, insomnia, allergies, back pain and neck pain. The washable cover makes it easy to clean, thus hygienic. Note: The mattress is made of 3 layers, from top to bottom: 1 cm washable padded cover, 15 cm D30 foam, 1 cm washable padded cover. Please note that for hygienic reasons, the mattress cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened or removed.

  • Total dimensions: 200 x 140 x 17 cm (L x W x H)
  • With a washable padded cover
  • Cover thickness: 1 cm
  • Cover can be easily removed by unzipping
  • Fabric: Polyester: 100%


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